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Product fee – possibility to fulfill the duty

Date: 19.09 WARSAW

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Gaining current knowledge about the binding regulations in the field of the product fee. Dispelling participant’s doubts in the field of their duties concerning the product fee. Providing information about the planned changes in regulations so that the participants can implement changes in their companies in advance. Our aim is to build relationship between workshops, practice and participant’s needs.


The workshop has a form of active presentation combining theoretical knowledge, practical example and participant’s doubts. The workshop includes practical exercises, analysis of various cases, case study, discussion about the most common questions and doubts and individual consultations with the lecturer. The workshop ends with a test, enabling participants to identify missing elements which have to be revised and completed, enables to check acquired skills and sort gained knowledge.


During the workshop you will get to know new regulations and requirements resulting from the Act of 13th of June 2013 about the packaging and waste packaging management (Dz. U. 2018 poz. 150).

The workshop will enable you to sort and update your knowledge, including new regulations and rules.

Obligatory BDO registration – when should you register?

What is the BDO registration? When do you have to register? What are the consequences of not registering?

We will discuss this issue, basing on draft ordinance of the Minister of Environment concerning model of annual products, packaging and packaging waste management report and annual generated waste and waste management reports. Further changes in this field are introduced by the Act about used electric and electronic devices, signed on 6th of October by the President. It regulates the date of developing database and deadline for registration.

Reporting – do I really have to submit over 20 pages of the report?

How does the new report concerning packaging waste settlement look like?
We will present new model of annual report concerning products in packaging, packaging and packaging waste management from 2015 and 2016, resulting from Minister of Environment’s ordinance from 10th of February 2016 about the model of report for 2015 and 2016 (Dz.U. 2016 poz. 182). New model of report is binding from 17th of February 2017.

We also present statement of our specialist about the new model of report:


  • ways of fulfilling the duty of packaging waste recovery and recycling
    • individually
    • though the recovery organization
    • case of failing at reaching required level of recovery and recycling
  • Calculating the product fee, practical exercises and examples, calculation of the product fee, including position, “recycling together” and current rates and required levels of recovery and recycling
  • duties of entrepreneurs releasing packaging of hazardous substances and multi-material packaging
    • agreement – how to join?
    • duty of ecological education
  • Public educational campaigns – ways of fulfilling the duty
    • individually (2% of net price of packaging value)
    • through the recovery organization
  • Duty of keeping record of amount of packaging placed on the market – since 2014 types of packaging applying to duty has been changed
  • Exemptions
    • releasing less than 1 mg of packaging and help de minimis


  • when releasing packaging or product in packaging takes place
  • which documents confirms conducting recovery and recycling of packaging waste
  • how to settle reporting arrears from 2012-2015
  • how does the new model of packaging and products in packaging report look like
  • examples of packaging applying to the duty after changing in regulations on the basis of Minister of Environment’s ordinance from 22th of October 2013 on the matter of exemplary list of products which are not perceived as packaging

SEE: workshop’s schedule

What makes the workshop special?

  • each of participants will receive workshop’s materials
  • thanks to Wi-Fi connection, during brakes you can be in permanent contact with your office – it means gaining valuable knowledge without neglecting your duties
  • workshops are taking place in a modern conference room, equipped with multimedia aids (the room is air-conditioned)
  • the workshop is conducted in small groups, enabling to discuss particular examples from your company with the lecturer

Participation fee:

490,00 PLN – signing up until 28th of November
590,00 PLN – signing up between 28th of November and 5th of December
690,00 PLN – signing up after 5th of December

The above prices are net prices per one person participating in the workshop.


Together with our partner company, M&M Consulting we also offer workshops concerning waste management, environmental fee and reverse logistics.

Translated by Anna Koike