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Packaging and packaging waste reports

Act of 13th of June 2013 about the packaging and packaging waste management ((t.j. Dz. U. z 2016 r., poz. 1863 ze zm.) imposes upon entrepreneurs the duty of proper packaging and packaging waste management, including preparing relevant reports.

Who should submit the reports?

Entrepreneurs placing on the market products in packaging are obliged to prepare and submit annual report about the product in packaging, packaging and packaging waste management. In case of not providing recovery, including waste recycling, entrepreneurs are obliged to pay the product fee on the account of the relevant due to office’s address or place of residence marshal’s office. Placing on the market means both charged and free of charge first release on the territory of Poland for using or distribution and also import or inter-Commune acquisition for the needs of one’s business activity.

Reporting in the field of packaging applies also to the entrepreneurs producing packaging, importers and those who acquire packaging inter-Commune (packaging without products), exporters and those who deliver packaging inter-Commune (products in packaging and packaging without products).

When and where the report has to be submitted?

he deadline for submitting the report is 15th of March for the previous calendar year. The report has to be submitted to relevant due to office’s address or place of residence marshal’s office (if an entrepreneur’s office or place of residence is abroad – to the Marshal of the Masovian Voivodship).

Translated by Anna Koike