CONTEST RULES 2023-04-04T14:22:36+02:00

Entrepreneur register participation in the contest by filling the application form on the website A company may register participation itself or be selected by someone who noticed its ecological potential.

There are two categories of the contest:

1st category – Resource-efficient Entrepreneur – Eco-Hit, Eco-Hit Service, Eco-Hit Product, Eco-Hit Resource-saving Commune

2nd category – Resource-inefficient Entrepreneur – Eco-kitsch

Contest entries in the 1st category will be assessed by the JURY,consisted of science and business authorities, related to ecology.

Entries in the 2nd category will be assessed by Internet users on the Contest’s website.

Jury will choose 10 companies which pass to the 2nd stage of the contest and 9 laureates, including 3 winners:

  • Resource-efficient Entrepreneur 2017 in the category Product
  • Resource-efficient Entrepreneur 2017 in the category Service
  • Resource-efficient Entrepreneur 2017 in the category Resource-saving Commune

What the Eco-Hit is?

Examples of Eco-Hit products:
  • product made of raw materials,
  • product packed in the smallest possible amount of packaging,
  • product in biodegradable, reusable or recyclable packaging.
Examples of Eco—Hit services:
  • ecological campaign among employees or consumers,
  • waste sorting at the facility or office,
  • service guaranteeing waste recovery or reducing amount of generated waste.
Examples of Eco-Hit resource-saving commune:
  • commune which efficiently manages waste management,
  • takes action in order to increase levels of separate collection,
  • carries out interesting initiatives for the inhabitants.

What the Eco-Kitsch is?

Examples of Eco-Kitsch products:
  • product made of non-renewable resources,
  • product excessively packed in different types of packaging,
  • product/packaging unrecyclable or non-reusable,
  • excessive exploitation of natural resources in company’s activity,
  • • product containing substances dangerous for environment and people.
Examples of Eco-Kitsch service:
  • events generating considerable amount of waste,
  • services excessively exploiting limited natural resources.