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Ecological education for communes

On 1st of January 2012 the Act about the change of the act of keeping the communes clean from 1st of July 2011 (Dz. U. z 2011 r. Nr 152, poz. 897) came into force. According to the act, communes are obliged to take over real estate’s owner’s duty in the field of municipal waste management.

Hence communes are obliged to provide selective municipal waste collection for at least paper, metal, plastic, glass, multi-packaging waste and biodegradable municipal waste including biodegradable packaging waste.

In addition, communes have to create PSZOK – Municipal Waste Selective Collection Center, which have to be easily reachable for all the citizens of the commune.

Communes also have to ensure adequate level of preparing for reuse, recycling and other ways of recovery and reduce amount of biodegradable municipal waste passed for disposal.

Proper municipal waste management requires education and raising ecological awareness of the commune’s citizens.

Communes are obliged to organize informative and ecological activities in the field of proper municipal waste management, especially about selective waste collection.

More information about waste management can be found in no 5 of ecological education quarterly “MiniLo&Aniela”..

Ecological education in your Commune?

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