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From 1st of January 2014 ecological education became a statutory duty for every entrepreneur placing on the market products in packaging.

Entrepreneur is obliged to spend on public educational campaign at least 2% of the value of packaging placed on the market previous year.

We offer conducting public ecological campaigns and taking over the statutory duty of ecological education, including:

  • workshops for employees
  • outer educational activities, contests encouraging to waste segregation, in e.g. kindergartens, schools, festivals, picnics
  • ecological workshops
  • announcements during festivals, picnics, exhibitions, fairs
  • equipping schools and kindergartens with educational materials; equipping corner for children in your company with educational materials
  • preparing files, posters, videos and other educational materials
  • substantive support of the ecological corner on the contractors’ websites

Find out how we conduct public educational campaigns

Who is obliged to conduct educational activity?

Duty of conducting educational activity results from the Act from 13th of June 2013 about the packaging and packaging waste management (Dz. U. 2016 r, poz. 1863).

According to article 19 paragraph 1 of the Act, every producer and importer conducting intra-community acquisition of packaging is obliged to conduct educational activity in the field of proper waste management.

How to fulfill the duty of ecological education? The entrepreneur can subcontract the Eko Cykl Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań Inc. conducting the ecological activities and:

  • fulfill statutory duty of educational education
  • save time necessary for preparing materials, organizing and conducting educational activity
  • have professional educational campaign dedicated to wide range of auditors all over Poland
  • reduce costs connected with connected with preparing educational materials and their distribution
  • have minimum of the formality – you just need to sign the contract and Eko Cykl Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań Inc. will take care of the rest
  • have possibility to conduct individual actions on the Entrepreneur’s request

What distinguishes our educational programs?

Since beginning of 2003 we regularly conduct public educational campaign, which reach wide range of recipients. Children and teenagers as well as adult take part in them. We care about the increase of attractiveness and development of the form and content of the programs we prepare. We also provide substantial support at many outer events, festivals and educational campaigns.

Translated by Anna Koike