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Ecological workshops concerning right household’s waste treatment and ways of preventing waste generating for kindergarten and school students. The workshops can take place both at the Client’s institution or at our multimedia classroom.

Why is it worth taking part in?

  • The workshops are based on proven class scenario,
  • We are using proper didactic measures: props, charts, games, animated movies,
  • We are teaching through games and play,
  • We are providing attractive educative material.

Our workshops will help you:

  • Ensure children efficient learning in the field of recycling and waste segregation,
  • Make didactic classes more entertaining.


The workshops help creating positive environmentally friendly image of the company. Such image:

  • is essential element of promotion,
  • can positively influence parent’s choice,
  • can be used in negotiations with local governments,
  • can support processes of choice of e.g. socially and environmentally responsible investors,
  • creates overall positive image of the facility among the society.

What distinguishes our educational activity:

  • Since 2003 we regularly organize educational campaigns that reach wide range of recipients,
  • Children, teenager and adults are taking part in it ,
  • We provide substantive support at many outer events, festivals, fairs and educational events at schools and kindergartens,
  • We have provided ecological education to more than 1 million of recipients since launching our enterprise!

What the society gains thanks to our ecological education?

We provide information in the field of right waste segregation and importance of recycling. We are raising the awareness of the environmental problems and encourage people for activity aiming at its protection. We believe that our activity is supporting development of raw materials market thanks to rational waste management.

Mission of our organization is to „Retrieve green from waste”


The price of the workshop is set individually.

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Contact us:

Barbara Armo
Public ecological campaign specialist
phone: 519 184 340